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Monday, April 4, 2011

Lecture for Friday 04/01/2011

Class opening 9:00 AM
  • Quiz 8 (Chapter 11) - open!
  • All case summary and written assignment grades will be current this weekend!
  • Beginning Monday (4/4) case discussion will be led by students!
  • Questions/comments/thoughts?
Additional Announcements:
  • Internship for paid internships announced for summer camp.
  • Internship opportunity (non-paid) Arizona State Fair.
  • This information is in the career reentry office as well.

Class Discussion 9:02 AM
In-class Case Discussion: Case 20: Something’s Rotten in Hondo (page 842 in your textbook).
  • Someone please summarize the facts!
  • Who are the stakeholders? (L, P, U)
  • Is there an issue of social responsibility? (Ec, L, Et, P)
  • You're George Mackee… what do you do?
  • What should George do?

Class Lecture 9:14 AM
The following chapter 11 PowerPoint slides were covered
  • A Federal Regulatory Agency…
  • Types of Regulation
  • Types of Regulation

Class Discussion 9:23 AM
In-class Case Discussion: Case 21: Sweetner Gets Bitter Reaction (page 843 in your textbook).

What's this case about?
What facts do we have?
Who cares?
What's the real issue?
If Coke used its influence… is that wrong, unethical, immoral?
What should Coke do?
Monday some guys released a report that there were trace amounts of radiation in foods.

End of entry.

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