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About The Author

30-something year old fellow that enjoys reading text-books (ugh, I know what a life of a party, right?), building computers, writing my own software and building robots. Currently, I'm going to school for computer programming full-time, working full-time, I'm a full-time husband and father of two (full-time). Pretty busy, but as we all know if you want something done you've got to roll up your shirt sleeves and get the lead out!

I'm admittedly a nerd, sociable and talkative in person and enjoy a good laugh now and again. Yes, this particular blog is a bit on the serious side but that's because of the nature of the topic. Granted, if you chat with me about other things I'm sure you'll find I'm very warm and as much as I enjoy diving into logical/analytical conversation I enjoy talking about other things as well. I hope this website can help you in your studies and provide informative aspects to our Society & Business class.

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