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Friday, April 22, 2011

Lecture for Friday 04/22/2011

Class Lecture 9:00 AM
Substitute teacher today. 
Professor Cameron was out. 
Lecture began with Chapter 16's PowerPoint. The following slides were covered throughout the lecture:

  • Business and Community Stakeholders
  • Chapter 16 Learning Outcomes
Next we moved onto:

Housekeeping stuff

  • Be nice to your substitute!
  • Quiz on chapter 15 is CLOSED!
  • Case discussion on Monday - Wal-Mart & its associates
  • Questions, comments, thoughts?

Next, we continued by covering the following slides of Chapter 16's PowerPoint:

  • A Company’s Positive Impact
  • Standards of Excellence in Corporate Community Involvement
Page 621 in the book was referenced, which covers the 7 leadership standards of excellence in corporate philanthropy.

The Pyramid of CSR (corporate social responsibility) from chapter 2 was displayed and discussed.

The following quotes were displayed and discussed:
"Successful businesses thrive in healthy communities…As a business, we want to share our expertise and make a positive impact on our communities. It's not only the right thing to do it's a business strategy that means success for our organization…"
"Our approach to corporate citizenship is influenced by the aspirations we have for our company's reputation. We want to be admired…"
Next, we continued by covering the following slides of Chapter 16's PowerPoint:

  • Benefits of Employee Volunteer Programs
  • Developing a Community Action Plan
  • Philanthropy

When you buy a pair of TOMS shoes they give a pair away a pair to someone in need.

Next, we finished by covering the following slide of Chapter 16's PowerPoint:

  • Categories of Corporate Contributions Programs

End of entry.

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