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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Lecture for Wednesday 04/20/2011

Class opening 9:00 AM
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Class Lecture 9:07 AM
Spill's Toll on Oil Output Grows Clearer by Angel Gonzalez was displayed and discussed. 

Potential Plaintiffs Race to Hit Deadline  by Dionne Searcey was displayed and discussed.

Cheba Hut “Toasted” Subs Hosts Nation’s Largest 420 Celebration was displayed and discussed.

Case Discussion 9:40 AM

In-class Case Discussion: Case 26: The Hudson River Clean Up and GE began. 

General Electric Paid No Federal Taxes in 2010 by Jake Tapper was displayed and discussed.

The following questions were asked: 

  • What are the facts?
  • What are the social & ethical issues raised in this case?
  • Which are major, and which are minor?
  • Who is now responsible for the contaminated Hudson river? GE? EPA? State of New York? Local citizens?
  • What ethical principles support the assignment of responsibility?
  • What action should take place on the river? Who should pay?

For information about the EPA's "superfund" cleanup projects CLICK HERE to check out their website. 

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