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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Lecture for Monday 04/04/2011

Class opening 9:00 AM
  • Quiz 8 (Chapter 11) - Closed!
  • Test High = 46, Low = 30 out of 50
  • Questions/comments/thoughts?

Class Discussion 9:17 AM
In-class Case Discussion: Case 25: Astroturf Lobbying (located on page 865 in your textbook).

Class discussion began with the following main points and questions: 

Lobbyists do not look anything like the general population.
Q. Is this a good thing or a bad thing?
A. It's a thing.
Q. Are elected officials ever held accountable to the people if they make mistakes?
A. Who are the stakeholder groups in lobbying?

Speaking about the stakeholders and who they are:

Media, Voters, Politicians, Corporations, voters, social networking

-          How much does it control the message?
-          polling
-          Is there any backlash
-          Z party
-          Issue vs. authority
-          Will Trump run for president?
-          Ross Perot?
-          Concern for quality of profits
Social Networking
- Concern for quality of life

Money = power = money

Q. Is there an issue here?
Q. Are there examples of college students of this generation?
Q. Is social media just this generation's way of replicating what my generation did?
Q. How long has Amazon.com been in business?
Q. What was their profit for last year?
A. 7.13 billion
Q. What is the hot topic in Arizona?
A. State budget
A. Tax on internet sales

A brief discussion followed and class came to a close.
End of entry.

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