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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Lecture for Wednesday 03/30/2011

Class opening 9:00 AM
  • Quiz 8 (chap 11) - open (and will be available until: April 4, 2011 9:00 AM)
  • All case summary and written assignment grades will be current this weekend!
  • Beginning Monday (4/4) case discussion will be led by students!
  • Questions/comments/thoughts?

Lecture 9:00 AM
The floor was open to students wherein the following questions were posed along with the following responses. These were all listed on the board as the discussion took place.

What are the things you dislike about this class?
  • Too much typing papers
  • Too computer oriented
  • Overwhelming amount of reading
  • The case summary should not be due with the case reports
  • It's at 9 o' clock (too early)
  • Only one attempt on the quizzes
  • All quizzes to be due by the end of the semester
  • Case 15 and case 20 on the syllabus were transposed
  • The assignment calendar is confusing
  • The case shouldn't due before the class starts
  • Discussions before the summaries are due
  • Open note tests (when everything has been in the book or electronic)
  • More extra credit opportunities
  • More time to read
  • The book is boring
  • Do not like this activity
  • Book is too heavy to carry around
  • more in-class activities
  • better chairs
  • the answers are too subjective to be true or false

What are the things you like about this class?
  • Leniency of deadlines and an understanding professor
  • In class Discussions
  • I like how we go by the book
  • Getting money's worth of the book
  • Likes the case studies
  • How we have to put on our managers hat and think through the mindset of the manager
  • Test open book, notes, and take home
  • Real life to business with real life issues that managers would have to deal with
  • The book and the class are progressive.
  • The information is linear
  • Likes the guy from Disney
  • Internship opportunities
  • Class size is perfect
  • Makes you more aware of Behavior in the corporate world
  • Class managers blog
  • More information by news
  • Insightful for work experience for real world
  • Relates to other classes
  • I like the participation
  • This class openly participates in the class
  • Less lecture, more thinking
  • Laptops are allowed
  • Turn things in electronically and not use paper

How could we improve it?
  • Make it longer
  • Make it everyday
  • Modify amount of cases 1/2 the cases and twice amount of discussion
  • More videos
  • More Disney
  • More current event cases
  • Where are they now
  • Tweak the book
  • Live interview thru Skype
  • Local issues in Arizona
  • Beer and pizza and a shuttle home JIC (just in case).

Class Discussion 9:32 AM
In-class Case Discussion: Case 20: Something’s Rotten in Hondo (found on page 842 in your textbook).

Something's Rotten in Hondo in-class discussion took place where the following items were written on the board and class discussion ensued.

Run at night
Move to Mexico
Or we could blow the whistle
$ for scrubbers

Moral not equal to money
Back to options concerning reducing fines:
Run at night
Discussion continued at this point concerning the EPA and other options that the company could pursue to make positive changes.

End of entry.

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