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Friday, March 25, 2011

Lecture for Wednesday 03/23/2011

Class opening 9:00 AM
Last information session will be March 24 between 6-7PM

Housekeeping stuff:

Quiz 7 (for Chapter 9) – closed on Wed. (today)!
Still to be decided whether next weeks test will be take home or open note...

Lecture 9:08 AM
Professor Cameron covered material from chapter 10. The following topics where defined, explained and discussed:

Eras of Internationalization
Friedman’s Eras of Globalization
Globalization 1.0
Globalization 2.0
Globalization 3.0

Nike Discussion 9:22 AM
Visited nike.com and talked about the Nike free 5.0 v4 ID men’s running shoe.

Discussed the Nike case and now Nini makes the shoes for Niki.

What are the facts?
How should nike have responded? 
Is it good business to acknowledge past errors? Is this an issue? A crisis?
Is it ethical…a $20 million per year endorsement vs. a wage of 14 cents an hour?
Is nike’s responsibility to subcontract factories a legal, economic, social, or philanthropic obligation? Why?

We discussed the earnings of Nike CLICK HERE to view. Then the questions continued as follows:

Should nike be held responsible for what happens in factories that it does not own? Why / why not?
Labor union vs. student movement? Which group shows ethical responsibility?

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