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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Lecture for Monday 03/21/2011

Class opening 9:00 AM

Housekeeping stuff:

Quiz number: 7 (for chapter 9) – closes on wed!
Be sure to watch the video “Swoosh! Inside Nike” in preparation for Wednesday!

Video 9:07 AM

Discussion followed the displaying of this article. The following questions were asked so you have an idea of how and where the class discussion went: 

How can this merger effect the government?
Why would the government care who owns what?

Note: We will be watching this topic over the next 8 weeks.

Lecture:  Class Material 9:30 AM
Professor Cameron covered material from chapter 9. The following topics/slides where defined, explained and discussed:

Invasion of Privacy Posed by the Internet
Government’s Involvement
Privacy Agenda of the FTC

Another article:

Class discussion ensued after this article was displayed.

Videos in place of the case 9:44 AM
The following videos were shown: 

DNA discrimination
GMO food – safe or not?

Will leave you with this to think about until we meet again.

End of entry.

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