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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Lecture for Monday 03/07/2011

Class opening 9:00 AM

During attendance sign in, some housekeeping was covered. These items of business included:

  • The announcements of two internship opportunities which are posted on Webct.
  • Test 2 was collected.
  • MCC Campus Alert in reference to an abduction attempt that occurred 3/4/2011 approximately 2020hrs (more information can be found on Webct).
  • This Thursday, March 10, 2011 at the library (room LB300) there will be an extra credit opportunity. There is a lunchtime lecture taking place. Students in attendance will be asked to write a paper on the events and/or content of the lecture. Details will be posted on Webct about it as well.
  • If you failed to obtain a copy of the test last Friday you are to see Professor Cameron.

Chapter Lecture 9:16 AM
The following chapter 8 slides were covered:

  • Levels at which ethical issues may be addressed
  • Personal levels
  • Personal and managerial ethics
  • Types of ethical principles
  • Principles approach to ethics
  • Principle of Utilitarianism
  • Kant's Categorical Imperative
  • Principle of Rights
  • Principle of Justice
  • Ethical Due Process
At this point in time ethics, morality and values were defined.

Then questions were open to the floor for discussion based on several different scenarios. The first asked you to pretend you worked at a marketing firm that posted a fictitious job posting designed not to hire anyone but rather pull information from competitors or current employees. Next, you work for an automotive supply company and are asked to facilitate or "entertain" suppliers & customers using potentially morally compromising techniques.

Chapter Lecture 9:32 AM
Class discussion about Case 13: Does Cheating in Golf Predict Cheating in Business? began (page 824 in your textbook).  The following questions were posed to the class so you can better follow the direction of the class discussion:

"What question would you ask yourself?"
"Does cheating in golf equal cheating in business?"
"What are the facts?"
"Do we live in a cheating culture?"
"What are the main ethical issues in this case?"
"Is 'personal' cheating related to cheating at work?"
"What insights into the 'executive suite' did you get from this case?"
"Should a golfer's motive/circumstance matter?"
"What are the parallels between the experiences of these executives and the lives of a college student?"

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