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Friday, March 4, 2011

Lecture for Wednesday 03/02/2011

Class opening 9:00 AM
During attendance sign in, some housekeeping was covered. These items of business included the announcements of two internship opportunities which will be posted on Webct. Test 2 will now be a take-home test while test 3 will be a written in class exam. As part of the announcements, there will be a substitute this Friday so come to class prepared as usual.

Remember: Due dates for all quizzes and summaries have tightened up! Finally, the floor was open for questions, comments and thoughts.

Chapter Lecture 9:07 AM
Open class discussion ensued while the following chapter 7 slides were covered:

  • Learning outcomes
  • Outline
  • Introduction to chapter 7
  • Business Ethics

Class Discussion 9:16 AM
In-class case discussion, case 11: The Case of The Killer Phrases (A) which can be found on page 820 in your textbook. To provide a solid foundation of the direction the discussion was directed in the following questions were asked:

"Summarize - what are the facts?"
"Who are the stakeholders?"
"What is the issue?"
"What evidence does he/we have?"
"What assumptions can be drawn about motive?"
"Is this really an ethical issue worth pursuing?"
"Who should Professor Stevens contact first?"
"Should a student's motive/circumstance matter?"

There is a follow up to this case, Part B if you would like to look it up and read it in your textbook. This would be for your own personal learning.

End of entry.

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