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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Lecture for Wednesday 02/2/2011

Class opening 9:00 AM
During attendance sign in, I was requested to present and briefly describe the class blog that I had begun or our class.

• To view the website CLICK HERE.

General Announcements 9:10 AM
Due to technical difficulties, connectivity to the MCC network extended the introduction of the class. For this purpose the following announcements were made:

• Listening to the audio recordings located at the class blog/website and on iTunesU will not substitute attendance in the class.
• Quiz 2 closes on Friday.
• There has been an update to the syllabus due to a discrepancy regarding case summary #3.

During this time the question was asked about Congressman Jeff Flake and whether he would be appearing. The response was to the affirmative and it was made known that he would be speaking about era marks.

Lecture 9:19 AM
Professor Cameron covered lecture on chapter 2 under the following topics:

• Four-part definition of CSR
• Impact of philanthropic endeavors
• Legal responsibility
• The pyramid of CSR
• The CSR equation
• A stakeholder view o CSR "matrix"
Special note: Use this 'matrix' as your baseline to write your case studies.
• Arguments against CSR
• Ways firms respond to CSR pressure
• Responsibility and responsiveness
• Corporate social performance

For detailed coverage on these topics refer to the chapter 2 PDF.

Class Discussion 9:48 AM

Topic 1:
Class discussion was intended to be engaged about case 2: The Body Shop: Pursuing Change.

Topic 1 Questions:

In closing:
Due to time constraints, coverage of Case 2: The Body Shop: Pursuing Change was postponed until Friday's class. Even though this discussion was to take place on Friday the due date still remains unchanged.

End of entry.

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