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Monday, January 31, 2011

Lecture for Monday 01/31/2011

Class opening 9:00 AM
At the beginning of class Professor Cameron covered a few statistics concerning those who had taken the syllabus quiz. In addition, statistics concerning those who had taken the first quiz was also discussed; students were advised that those tests were now closed.

General Lecture 9:05 AM
Professor Cameron started lecture on chapter 2 beginning with corporate social responsibility and its definition. He opened the floor to discussion about the topic by asking, "What are the things businesses do that we don't like?"

Class Discussion 9:10 AM

Topic 1:
Class discussion began about case study concerning the December 3, 1984 containment breach of a facility owned by Union Carbide.

  • To view a .PDF of a related article CLICK HERE.
  • To download a .PDF copy of the related article CLICK HERE.
Topic 1 Questions:
The following is a summary of questions that Professor Cameron asked in class so you can better understand the direction the discussion went:

"What do you do when you are walking down the street and you see people laying around and dead?"
"Where do you go?"
"What responsibility does Carbide have?"
"You said cleanup and aid?"
"To whom?"
"Does Carbide owe anything to the people of India anything else?"
"What did they fail to do?"
"Great point, who is getting the money?"
"What were the main goals to move the plant to Bhopal, India?"
"How much did UNION CARBIDE CORP make in 1984?"
CLICK HERE for those figures.
"Is there a language barrier?"
"We take advantage, right?"
"They were focused on what?"
"What role does business have?"
"What responsibility?"
"What commitment?"
"What can we hold them to?"
"Did bob O'Connell see himself as personally responsible?"
"What did American's say to Sam Walton in 1984?"

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