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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Lecture for Monday 02/14/2011

Class opening 9:00 AM
During attendance sign in, assignments were given to different students to get us ready for a discussion. Among the assignments, Conrad was asked to pull up H-P's website.

Discussion 9:03 AM
Professor Cameron began this portion of our class by asking whether anyone had heard any news on Mark Hurd or read Case 5, The H-P Pretexting Predicament. For a good article relating to this situation CLICK HERE to read an article from the Wall Street Journal titled, "SEC Probe Examines Hurd Exit From H-P" by Ben Worthen, Justin Scheck and Joann S. Lublin.

This case ties into the sections of chapter 4 that speak on Corporate Governance.
    Topic 1:
    Class discussion was intended to be engaged about Case 5, The H-P Pretexting Predicament (page 802 in your textbook).

    Topic 1 Discussion:
    Professor Cameron had class members do some role playing and take on the characters of those involved in the story and role playing ensued.

    Some key questions were asked about this case which are as follows:
    "What are the facts?"
    "What are the issues?"
    "Who are the stakeholders? What are their stakes?"
    "How should an organization investigate the leaks?"
    "How do we deal with the executives?
    "How do we draw the line between personal privacy and the organization's right to know?"

    Lecture  9:43 AM
    Continued lecture about chapter 4. Please refer to the link above and read through the PDF file. The lecture moved onto the remaining concepts of the PDF document. We covered the follow concerns as well as others:
    • Micro level of legitimacy
    • Macro level of legitimacy             

    Definitions explained and discussed:
    • The corporation's hierarchy of authority.
    • State Charter
    • Shareholders
    • Board of directors
    • Management
    • Employees

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