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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Lecture for Friday 02/11/2011

Class opening 9:00 AM
During attendance sign in, I passed out printouts of an article title "4 Layton Walmart employees fired after disarming gunman caught shoplifting" by Andrew Adams.

  • To view a .PDF of the article that was handed out CLICK HERE.
  • To download a .PDF copy of the article that was handed out CLICK HERE.

Class Discussion 9:15 AM:
After disseminating this article Professor Cameron gave back our graded Test 1. Much to our dismay the class grades were less than desirable. After careful consideration of the questions asked on the test and the performance of the students on the examination it was determined that 12 questions would be given back. In other words, students would receive 12 additional points to their grade.

At this time Professor Cameron directed our attention to the above mentioned article wherein a discussion about it ensued.

In closing 9:32 AM:
The reason for the discussion about this article tied in to the concern about the grades from Test 1. The link between the two is that there is an underlying principle that they both have which is that there is the letter of the law and then the spirit of the law. The letter is the written technical aspect of the law however; the spirit is the reason by which the law was created. In leadership there is a careful road to walk when considering a situation because if you follow the letter too sternly you neglect the very reason the letter of the law was comprised.

Class was left to ponder this and we were released at 9:39AM.
End of entry.

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