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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Lecture for Friday 02/18/2011

Class opening 9:00 AM
During attendance sign in, some housekeeping was covered. For the written report 16 students did not submit. For the case summary 26 students did not submit. Remember, due dates for all quizzes & summaries have tightened up.

Questions, comments and thoughts were covered.

Lecture 9:05 AM
What did we talk about on Monday?
At this point in time focus shifted to covering the following materials (refer to chapter 5 PDF):
  • Strategic management process and corporate public policy.
  • Components of strategy formulation:
1.             The company.
2.             The market.
3.             Management.
4.             Society.

  • Corporate/society intersections:
1.             Responsive CSR.
2.             Strategic CSR.

  • Strategic integration of business and society:
1.             Identify the points of intersection.
2.             Choose which social issues to address.
3.             Create a corporate social agenda.
4.             Integrate inside-out and outside-in practices.
5.             Create a social dimension to the value proposition.

  • Social audit defined as, "A systematic attempt to identify, measure, monitor, and evaluate an organization's performance with respect to its social efforts, goals, and programs.
  • Social auditing and performance reporting.
  • Three essential steps:
1.             Set standards against which performance may be compared.
2.             Compare actual performance with planned performance.
3.             Take corrective action to bring actual and planned performance into alignment.

Lecture 9:14 AM

Topic 1:
Class discussion concerning Case36, The Betaseron Decision (A) (page 910 in your textbook) began at this point. In addition, there was a handout provided to class members.

 As an alternant source for discussion the Betaseron website was pulled up and projected for the class to review and use as part of the discussion.

Topic 1 Discussion:
Questions asked by Professor Cameron are as follows:
"What are the facts?"
"Who are the stakeholders? What are their stakes?
"What is the ethical issue?"
"How should Berlex decide who gets the drug first?"

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